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Friday August 30

2:00 PM opening of our popup campsite

  • Reception of the participants 

9:30 PM Drive-In Cinema session.

Saturday August 31

09:00 Opening of the doors

  • Reception of the participants

  • Static exhibition

  • Racing show

  • Trunk sale

  • Animation

11:00 Departure of the tour that starts at the race circuit

6:00 PM BBQ (registration required)


In 2024, the Oostblook Meeting will take place at a new location, the Glosso Circuit in Arendonk. 

We will have a huge playground with more space, a larger parking lot for participants and visitors and improved catering and sanitary facilities.


We will open our site on Saturday, August 31 at 9:00 am. While the site fills up with all the different Eastern Bloc wagons, you can enjoy a drink on the terrace. There will also be interesting stands to visit during our meeting, we will have a real racing show and a mini market.

The interactive tour starts around 11:00 am. For this year's tour we are trying to put together another virtual rally through the Eastern Bloc, with the necessary surprises along the way, and at the start of this ride we will try to give you as a participant a minute of fame, in true rally style, with of course a lap around the circuit.

And to end the day on a high note, we will provide a BBQ at 6:00 PM (registration required).

A day's participation in the Eastern Bloc Meeting on Saturday, August 31 costs only €7 and includes a road book, tour of the circuit, goodie bag, and the opportunity to win great prizes for the best ride sports teams. 

The Eastern Bloc Meeting is free to attend (without participation in the interactive tour, road book, goodie bag, tour of the circuit, etc...).

Autokin zenpow.jpeg

Coming to the Eastern Bloc Meeting is like traveling through time. Since we love film as much as we love our old cars, we had to find a way to bring them together! So we rolled up our sleeves (well, Mark and Jan!) to build a real Autokino.

On Friday evenings, just like in the GDR times, you will have the exclusive opportunity to park your Trabant, Wartburg or Barkas (or another) in front of our 6 meter wide drive-in cinema.

DE version, Dutch subtitles. For the audio track you need an FM radio (car radio, portable radio)... The show can also be viewed from the terrace (for our visitors with a moped, for example)

wartburg with roof tent during east bloc meeting
Weekend package

For those who want to camp all weekend, we provide a real pop-up campsite on the race circuit from Friday 2:00 PM to Sunday 2:00 PM.


The full weekend includes camping, 2x breakfast, BBQ, road book, goodie bag, etc... at a reasonable price.


Weekend package |Register here

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