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Warm up your engines


We are a bunch of crazy fans who have decided to perpetuate Eastern Bloc vintage cars on Belgian roads and save them from the scrap heap.


What started as a crazy idea between friends in 2016 has now grown into what the Eastern Bloc Meeting is today. There were clubs active in Belgium with Eastern Bloc cars, with each club organizing activities with its own audience, the different brands actually remained somewhat separate, for example the Niva friends sometimes organized an off-road ride, the IFA Clubs organized a mussel soup or once a tour among the members. And so forth.


It was our dream to bring all these different (and at the same time similar) groups together once a year, and to organize a free event around it, cross-club/club-independent. That became reality in 2016: we were so incredibly proud that 5 cars showed up at our first meeting! 


Several years and 5 editions later, we still believe in the same concept:  Once a year to promote conviviality and bring together the Eastern Bloc riders. With more than 120 participating cars, the Eastern Bloc Meeting is a unique event in Belgium and neighboring countries (perhaps with the exception of Germany).


As an organization, we do our best to spread a certain kind of "ostalgia" during our Eastern Bloc Meeting: with camping, live music, open-air cinema, car boot sales and even a pop-up GDR museum and, above all, by holding the event in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. let it continue.


We aim to make our meeting accessible to everyone - we aim to keep registration costs to a minimum.

After having been able to organize our Eastern Bloc meeting on the grounds of cars coffee and more in Kasterlee for 3 years, and having enjoyed a fantastic collaboration with them here, due to circumstances it is time for something different this year, and our Eastern Bloc meeting will continue this year. at the Glosso circuit in Arendonk.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of cars, coffee and more for the wonderful time we had with them!

Over the years, our group that supports this organization has grown considerably, and after OBM2023 we decided to establish the Oostblok Monkeys club, the board of which is as follows:

Mark buylinckx

Tom Vannuffelen

Jan Lombaerts

Jose Goncalves

Patrick Huberland

In addition to organizing the Eastern Bloc meeting, we will also organize some club activities for our members, we will also participate in meetings as a club, do you also want to be part of this new great club? please feel free to send an email to 

Lada-fans Page meeting in Lier,
5 cars

The very 1st Oostblok Meeting  in Lier, 30 cars

Oostblok Meeting in Lier, 90 cars

Oostblok Meeting in Kasterlee, 100 cars

Oostblok Meeting in Kasterlee, 120 cars

Oostblok meeting
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