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Warm up your engines

Get ready for the Oostblokmeeting 2024!

The Oostblok Meeting is a classic car meeting for vehicles from the former Eastern Bloc. It's a unique opportunity to see these cars - especially on this side of the Iron Curtain - and glimpse into a world that many thought had disappeared. Eastern Bloc vehicle owners from across Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, Germany, UK and France, have taken part in previous editions, with camping, live music, open-air cinema, car boot sales and even a pop-up GDR museum.

We are already working hard on our 6th edition, takes place on August 30 and 31, 2024 at the Glosso circuit in Arendonk.

Built for the most challenging conditions

Prepared for the tough conditions of the eastern roads, from the GDR to the remote areas of the USSR or the windy Balkan roads, these vehicles proved that they could cope with everyday challenges. Affordable and easy to repair, they competed in the toughest motorsport competitions in the world and achieved the unthinkable. From Monte-Carlo to Paris-Dakar, these cars became legends.


Also this year we offer camping, for more info click here


Romanians such as Aro, Dacia, Oltcit etc.... also belong to the target group, do you happen to own 1 of these brands, feel free to come by..


Military Eastern bloc vehicles are also more than welcome at this meeting, for example Robur, Ifa, Gaz, Uaz, Dnepr, Ural etc... do you own such a vehicle? Show us!  


Do you own a Czech vehicle, such as Skoda, Tatra, Aero, Jawa, Praga, ... Or a Yugoslav Zastava, you are more than welcome!


Of course a maluchje or Fso, Zuk, Star, Nyssa , Fsm , Polski Fiat , Tarpan or any Polish produced vehicle is also included, and I would like to invite you to attend!! 


Your Eastern Bloc 2 wheeler (or 3 wheeler) is also more than welcome!!


But an old tractor from the former Eastern bloc is also more than welcome. I am thinking here, for example, of Ursus, Fortschritt, Zetor, and so on.


Even old Nuts vehicles from the former Eastern bloc such as, for example: a Multicar are more than welcome at our event

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